I got my first gift as a teacher today! A 4th grade girl gave me this flower thing & they told me it’s soap. 

My classes made name tags today & I tried to fill out seating charts so at least I know who is who & can try to gain some control. Or if they’re really bad I can go to their chinese teacher & be like, this kid in this seat is bad, do something about it. These are some of the favorite ones I got! Left is second grade, right is fourth. Cassi in 4th grade also wrote “I love you Miss B” on hers

One of my fourth grade classes today.. they’re so weird. They’re not rowdy really, just really really weird. Some kid touched my face out of nowhere & made a big fuss about how soft my cheeks were, so like 20 kids kept reaching up & touching my cheeks yelling about soft they were. So weird like why the heck are you even touching your teacher’s face??

And a picture of today’s lunch. Lunch is usually kind of meh but like I said, free, so I shut up and eat it. I generally just eat as much rice as possible so I’m getting carbs at least. It was good today though! I thought the stuff on the left was potatoes, but it wasn’t. It was okay, whatever it was.